8-9 year old female Romanian Shepherd Cross available for adoption

Betty is 8-9 year old female Romanian Shepherd Cross (Romanian Miriotic Sheepdog Cross). We are looking preferably for an adopter with experience with Shepherd dogs.

Betty is friendly towards other dogs when out and gets on well with her fosters dogs. However, she should not be rehomed with small dogs as her rough play style may overwhelm them.

She walks well on lead and happy to wear her harness. Betty has shown food aggression at mealtimes and is fed separately from the other dogs. She is anxious of strangers, especially males, and takes a few days to get to know someone new.

Betty is an obedient girl who listens to verbal commands. She is housetrained and even gives paw! She likes to sleep a lot of the day being a senior girl but still has plenty of energy for long walks. Betty would prefer a quiet, adult only home with experienced owners.

Currently in foster in Southampton.

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For further details regarding adopting a dog from Paws2Rescue, please email team@paws2rescue.com – Paws2Rescue performs home checks and offers post adoption support. Charity policy is not to rehome any dogs with children under 10 years old.

Paws2Rescue is a UK registered charity, for Romanian rescue dogs. We support many pet owners in Romania and tackle the cause of why there are so many homeless dogs by endorsing several neutering campaigns across the country. Our dogs are assessed in Romania prior to us bringing them to the UK. We have no physical UK kennels as our dogs are in adopters and fosterers homes across the UK. We believe we can make a difference one dog at a time! You will need to be over 25 to adopt, children in the household must be over 8 years old (over 12 for adult dogs). We can only adopt adult dogs to people 67 years and over. We encourage you to visit our website: www.paws2rescue.com before applying to read our adoption process and familiarise yourself with our work.

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