7 Cute Gym Hairstyles To Try (+Tips For Styling Sweaty Hair)

Cute Hairstyles For The Gym

Dreaded gym hair was an inevitable side effect of working out—until now. These simple gym hairstyles are a total game-changer for keeping those locks on lockdown and out of your face, while still looking fab!

1. Top knot

Nothing beats a classic. The top knot bun holds all your hair in place, and works perfectly for both straight and curly hair. Use a leave in conditioner to hold baby hair and frizz in place. 

2. High rope braid

This one works best with medium to long hair. The high rope braid is a sporty twist on the classic pony, and looks great when slicked back with a serum. 

3. Back braid

A great way to keep those baby hairs off your neck. The back braid locks in those tiny hairs that always seem to get away, and will look great for your backside selfie. 😏

4. Half up

If you want your hair out of your face, but still want to add some cute style to your workout routine, half up half down is always a great option. This one is especially great for low-impact workouts that don’t involve a ton of jumping. 

5. Fun buns

Whether you’re using this gym hairstyle for a cute alien costume, or are in fact using it for the gym, these buns are indeed fun!

6. Braided pigtails

Otherwise known as boxer braids, you’ll most definitely feel like a workout warrior with this hairstyle for the gym! 💪

7. Pony with scarf

If you’re trying to impress that cute spin instructor or looking to add a youthful touch to your outfit, throw a scarf on it! Adding a simple scarf to your pony is an easy way to spice up your gym hair! You can still look cute while working up a sweat with these easy hairstyles for the gym.

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