$6.1m in Series A funding helps RIND move beyond the dried fruit category into the salty chip aisle

“We may have started with dried fruits, but by no means do we feel limited by that one category. The name of the brand and business is RIND, and … our focus is on that snacking sweet spot of function and sustainability. So, we believe RIND has the potential to be a breakout functional snack brand”​ across categories, founder and CEO Matt Weiss told FoodNavigator-USA.

He explained that since 2018 – but really beginning last March with company’s launch in two regions of Whole Foods, Wegmans and Fresh Market – RIND ​has “awoken”​ the dried fruit category “in a very exciting way with a focus on the peel,”​ which the company leaves on to reduce food waste and offer a more nutrient dense snack.

And while Weiss says the company’s core dried fruit line, which includes combinations like Straw-Peary’s blend of strawberries, Bosc pears and red apples, and Coco-Melon’s duo of crispy coconut and sweet watermelon, is “just scratching the surface”​ in terms of innovation and distribution, he is eager to enter the chips category.

“What gets us really excited toward the vision of RIND as a skin-on snacking platform is the size of the chips category today … which is $20bn and 10 times the size of the dried fruit category,”​ Weiss said.

He explained that while many consumers are drawn to the craveable crunch of the chip aisle, many don’t feel good about devouring an entire bag of classic potato or corn chips, which are heavy on salt and fat and light on nutrients and fiber.

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