5 Pressure Points For Sleep, Insomnia, & Deep Relaxation (+Pictures)

Acupressure Points For Sleep

There are several acupressure points for sleep and may help with insomnia, restlessness, and even anxiety. Although acupressure is typically done by a professional, these pressure points for sleep can easily be done by yourself, in the comfort of your own home. One of the major benefits here is being able to immediately go to sleep after completing them so you can enjoy a deep slumber! For even more relaxation, sip on one cup of ZzzTox tea while doing your acupressure for sleep. One cup contains eight of the most powerful and beneficial teas for sleep to calm your mind, body, and digestion, while releasing harmful toxins.

1. Spirit gate 

acupressure spirit gate

Spirit Gate, otherwise known as HT7, or Shenmen in TCM, is one of the best pressure points for sleep as it’s considered the gateway to accessing our mind and emotions. Performing acupressure in this specific area may ease heart-related issues like stress, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Where to find it

Spirit Gate is located at the crease of your outer wrist, below your pinkie finger. You’ll feel a small dip in this area. That dip is the spirit gate pressure point for sleep. 

What to do

Apply gentle pressure in a circular motion. Continue for 2-3 minutes and then hold down gently for another minute or so. Repeat on both sides. 

2. Anmien

acupressure anmien

In TCM, Anmien translates to “peaceful sleep”. Hopefully its translation explains why anmien made it onto our list of best acupressure points for sleep! According to TCM, when you are unable to sleep, your spirit is “not housed properly”, and this acupressure point can help settle it by “calming the spirit”. [3]

Where to find it

Anmien is located on either side of your neck, just behind your ear.

What to do

Place your finger or thumb on the pressure point and apply circular pressure slightly upward under the skull for about 2-3 minutes. You should experience a feeling of deep relaxation.

3. San Yin Jiao

acupressure sp6

San Yin Jiao, also known as SP6, is an acupressure point for sleep that not only helps with insomnia, but can also help with menstrual cramps, urinary issues, and even pelvic problems.

Where to find it

San Yin Jiao is located on the inside of your leg, next to the highest point of your ankle. Measure the width of about four fingers up your leg to find it. 

What to do

Apply deep pressure to the San Yin Jiao acupressure point for about 2-3 minutes. Making circular motions or applying direct pressure works best. Repeat on both sides. 

4. Tai Chong

acupressure lv3

Also known as LV3, the Tai Chong pressure point for sleep has been shown to help with insomnia, stress, and anxiety-related sleeplessness. 

Where to find it

Tai Chong is located on the skin between the big toe and second toe, right below their connecting point.

What to do

Place gentle pressure on Tai Chong for 2-3 minutes making circular movements or holding down firmly. Repeat on both sides. 

5. Yin Tang

acupressure yin tang

The Yin Tang pressure point has been shown to not only help with insomnia, but applying pressure to this area can help with other issues like restlessness, agitation, or fear. 

Where to find it

Yin Tang is located in the center of the eyebrows, just above the nose. 

What to do

Apply direct pressure to this area in a circular movement. You may also press firmly into Yin Tang and hold for 30 seconds or so.  

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