42 Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Look Nicer You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

It may not seem like a big deal, but coming home to a stylish and organized place can be a total mood booster. The opposite is also true; when you don’t vibe with the place you spend the most time in, it can be really hard to relax. Luckily, there are some really affordable home products on Amazon that can makeover your entire place without breaking the bank.

Changing up your decor can seem overwhelming, especially if you consider how pricey it is to replace big-ticket items like couches and appliances. That said, you don’t have to invest in a whole new sofa to completely change the look of your living room. All it takes are a few luxe throw pillows, maybe a plant or two, and voilà! You have an entirely refreshed living room.

It’s not only about the decor, though; organization matters, too. If you’re anything like me, it can be tough to keep track of all your cords and electronic devices, but this super cheap cable box keeps everything in one place. Plus, it hides all those tangled cords so you don’t have to look at them. If electronics aren’t your thing, a couple of floating shelves can free up desk space while displaying your favorite items.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many genius home products on Amazon that you never knew existed. Here’s a roundup of some of the best ones that are about to make your home so much comfier and cozier without breaking your budget.

This Self-Adhesive Paper That Looks Like Real Marble

Instead of spending a fortune on real marble, you can snag this self-adhesive paper for a fraction of the price. This super thick vinyl paper has its own strong adhesive so all you have to do is remove the backing and apply it to your surface. It can cover everything from walls to countertops, and you can easily wipe it down with cleaning products to keep it fresh. Plus, one roll can cover almost 12 square feet.

This Peel-And-Stick Backsplash That Looks Like Real Tile

Kitchen reno just got a whole lot easier with this stick-and-peel backsplash. You get 10 sheets in one box, and each sheet is almost a foot wide. And even though all of the tiles look as though they’re separate, they’re actually connected so you only have to peel the backing off once and stick it right to your wall. On top of that, this backsplash is resistant to heat and moisture so it’ll hold up for a long time.

These Magnetic Window Decals That Elevate Your Garage’s Look

You can give your garage an instant upgrade with these magnetic windows. They’re made from durable, weather-resistant materials, and they couldn’t be easier to apply. These extra-large magnets snap to your garage door and instantly make it your garage look like a carriage house. And if you want to adjust them, all you have to do is pull them off and reapply them as many times as you want. The kit brings 32 pieces to cover a two-car garage.

This Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps The Bugs Out

This magnetic screen door keeps the bugs at bay, while still letting in plenty of breeze and sunlight. It’s made from extremely durable mesh fiberglass, and the tiny holes block bugs and other pests from entering your home. This screen can also open on either side, and the self-adhesive backing makes it a breeze to install on any standard doorframe.

These Knitted Socks That Protect Your Floors & Furniture

Protect your furniture and home with these cute furniture socks. The knitted socks protect the legs of your chairs and tables from scuffs, chips, and dents while also making it easier to slide your chairs in and out. And bonus: they’ll prevent scratches on the floor and are machine-washable, too.

These Outlet Covers That Double As Night Lights

Instead of using up an outlet to plug in a night light, use one of these affordable outlet covers with a built-in night light. Each one easily installs over existing outlets. As soon as it starts to get dark in your home, the night light turns on and it’ll later automatically shut off in the morning. Plus, the wide space between each outlet means you can fit power adaptors of all shapes and sizes.

These Markers & Crayons That Fix Scuffs & Scratches In Wooden Furniture

There’s no need to invest in new furniture when you can just fix it up with these wood-colored markers and crayons. You get six markers and six crayons in one pack, and they come in a variety of popular wood finishes so you can find your perfect match. Choose from cherry, maple, oak, walnut, mahogany, and black to instantly cover scrapes, scuffs, dents, and more.

This Waterproof Paint Marker That Restores Your Grout

Forget scrubbing your floors, and grab this convenient grout pen instead. It features thick, high-pigment paint that can easily cover your grout to give it a fresh, clean appearance. This pen also features a 5-millimeter tip, so it can easily fit between most tiles. The waterproof formula is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can even grab it in 11 different colors to match any grout.

This Sleek Box That Neatly Hides All Your Cables

This sleek cable box virtually banishes all your cords and cables from sight. It’s big enough to hold a standard surge protector, and it features air vents on the back and sides so it doesn’t overheat. This box also features holes in the back that you can thread your cords through, and you can lift the lid to plug and unplug your devices as needed.

This Wireless Doorbell That Has Thousands Of Fans

Almost 10,000 reviewers swear by this affordable wireless doorbell set. The waterproof doorbell features a powerful lithium battery that lasts for up to three years, and it withstands temperatures between -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This set also comes with two receivers so you never miss a visitor, and you can even choose from 52 different chimes for a soothing symphony every time someone shows up at the door.

These Reusable Burner Covers For A Cleaner Stovetop

Keep your stovetop clean with these burner covers that catch splatters and debris. They’re heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be cut to fit your stove’s burners perfectly. The protectors easily wipe clean and are dishwasher-safe for when they need a deeper clean. Plus, they come in a pack of 10, so you’ll have enough material to cover all your burners and replace them when they wear out.

These LED Light Strips That You Can Stick Anywhere

Light up any closet, cabinet, or hallway with these stick-on LED lights. Each strip features 10 ultra-bright LED bulbs that last for years. These lights are also really easy to install. They features self-adhesive backing and a magnetic strip so you literally just stick them onto the magnet or directly to a flat surface. They’re activated by motion up to 17 feet away, and they click off as soon as you leave the room, saving energy in the long run.

These Bulbs That Transform Your Mirror Into A Well-Lit Vanity

Just stick these 14 vanity lights to any mirror for an instant transformation with Hollywood vibes. Each bulb features its own self-adhesive backing. All you have to do is stick the bulb where you want it, then stretch the cord the length you want it before applying the next bulb. There’s even an attached control panel that allows you to dim and change the color of the bulbs so you can create the perfect ambiance at anytime.

This Shelf That Keeps Your Mail & Keys Organized

This genius shelf system keeps your mail organized and keys in place so you’ll never lose them again. It features a pocket shelf that keeps all your letters in one place, as well as a mini shelf that you can use to hold your sunglasses or other accessories. It also features three smaller hooks for keys, as well as eight larger hooks for your purse, leashes, and more.

This Space-Saving Drying Rack That Hangs Over Your Sink

This bamboo rack is the perfect solution for drying dishes when you’re short on counter space. It’s long enough to fit over most standard sinks, and you can roll it up when it’s no longer needed. The lightweight bamboo dries quickly, and the slotted design allows for all of that excess water to drip into the basin instead of all over your towels or counters. This sturdy rack holds up to 22 pounds without bending or breaking.

These Floating Shelves That Have Over 18,000 Fans

As one reviewer writes, these floating shelves “look great and were very easy to install.” They come in a set of three, and each shelf features a wood finish and steel corners for a modern, industrial look. They also come in three different sizes, and you can install them in two different ways so you can change them up whenever you want. On top of that, they also come in nine different wood finishes.

This Smart Bulb That Works With Amazon’s Alexa

Once you install this smart bulb, you can turn your lights on and off without getting out from under the covers. It syncs up perfectly with your Amazon Alexa so you can command it from anywhere in your home. It’s equivalent to a standard 60-watt lightbulb and emits a warm glow, but you can dim it when you’re looking for a little more ambiance. And if you’d rather not talk to your lights, you can also control this bulb from within the Alexa app on your phone.

These Waterproof Fairy Lights That Change Colors

These fun fairy lights help brighten up any party. They feature 100 LED lights on 33 feet of delicate silver wire that you can wrap around any window, drape over your curtains, or hang up on your patio. You can use the included remote to choose from 16 different colors or you can set these lights to circulate through all 16 colors. You can also set these lights to twinkle or turn on and off with a click of the remote. Plus, they’re waterproof if you want to hang them outside.

This Cordless Light That Hangs Underneath Umbrellas

This umbrella light is so genius and affordable that it has gained thousands of fans. The center ring fits most standard umbrellas and can be clamped on so it won’t slip. You can turn on this light with the touch of a button and adjust the mode between ultra bright, bright, and dim. This light is also completely cordless and battery-operated so you don’t have to have an outlet nearby to use it.

This Shower Head That Turns Your Shower Into A Party

Not only does this high-pressure shower head filter out impurities in your water, but it turns your shower into a rainbow of color while it does it. It features eco-friendly minerals that help to remove toxins, so it’s gentler on hair and skin. It’s also made from corrosion-resistant materials that won’t rust, and the micro-nozzles in the head help to increase the pressure. And while you’re washing up, this shower head circulates between seven LED colors.

This Light Strip That Prevents You From Bumping Into The Bed

Line any bed, couch, or cabinet with this LED light strip for a cool built-in night light. The strip is almost 7 feet long and you can just peel its backing and stick it onto any dry, flat surface. You can even cut this strip as needed for a perfect fit. This light strip gives off a soft, buttery warm glow and is activated when you step within 10 feet of it so you’ll never bump into a bedpost again.

This Essential Oil Diffuser That Comes With Its Own Remote

For less than the price of brunch, you can snag this mini essential oil diffuser to scent your space. It’s great because it’s small enough to fit in a small area, but it can provide aromatherapy all night. This diffuser also features an LED light that can circulate between seven colors, and it even comes with its own remote so you can control the output and lights from the comfort of your bed.

This Hanging Feeder That Brings Orioles To Your Yard

Orioles are gorgeous birds, and this unique feeder ensures that plenty of them show up in your yard. This feeder hangs from a pole or low branch, and it features two ways to satiate birds — with the orange holder or by filling a glass jar. The orange holder is designed to hold the fruit firmly in place, so birds can snack with ease. The jar can be filled with jam, nectar, or mealworms, and you can remove it to clean between feedings.

These Solar Lights That Are Waterproof

You never have to worry about these super durable solar lights, even in the worst weather. They’re waterproof, frost-resistant, and easy to install on most flat surfaces. The top of these lights features a solar panel, which absorbs and stores up sunlight all day so that they can automatically switch on as soon as the sun starts to set. They even features a small reflector so they can light up your yard, porch, and driveway even brighter.

These Battery-Operated Candles That Look Like The Real Thing

There’s a lot to love about this trio of decorative candles, especially how you never have to actually light them. Each candle is battery-operated and boasts a 150 hour “burn time” on a single set of batteries. These candles come in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch pillars, and the outer shell features a rustic birch bark design. The best part is that the “flame” in the center actually flickers like real fire, so your guests won’t even know these candles aren’t the real thing.

This Flat-Weave Rug That You Can Use Indoors Or Outdoors

At 2-feet by 3-feet, this versatile rug is perfect for those transitional spaces that tend to get dirty quickly. The flat-weave of this rug makes it extra durable and easy to clean, and the ultra thin design ensures that you can easily open and close your doors without rubbing across the top. On top of that, this rug is also stain-resistant, making it perfect to cover your patio or porch for a party.

These Gripper Pads That Keep Your Rug Firmly In Place

These rug grippers create a vacuum seal effect that keeps each corner of your rug firmly in place. Just peel away the backing and adhere one under each of the four corners of your rug. With a completely flat rug, your pets or kids will no longer trip over a rumpled rug. And if you decide to move your rug, the grippers are just as easy to remove as they are to apply.

These Handle Covers That Keep Fingerprints Off Your Fridge

Instead of wiping down your fridge after every smudge, protect it with these handle covers. The covers are made from a plush, silvery fabric that matches perfectly with your stainless steel appliances, and each handle features a velcro fastener that helps them stay put. And once you place them on your appliance, you can forget about wiping away all those annoying fingerprints and smudges every day.

This Fastener Set That Keeps Your Bedsheets In Place

You’ll never wake up in a tangle of sheets again when you grab a set of these sheet fasteners. With one for each corner of your mattress, your sheets stay super smooth through the night. These fasteners also feature a flexible strap with tons of stretch so they can fit on any size bed, and they each have three durable clips that hold onto your sheets from multiple angles. Plus, they’re easy to remove when it’s time to change your bedding.

This Smart Light Switch That Has Over 10,000 Fans

Over 10,000 reviewers rave about this easy-to-install smart light switch. For one, it doesn’t require a central hub to work; you can just install it over your outlet and sync it directly to your Google Nest or Amazon Echo. This switch also allows you to dim your lights for more ambiance, and you can do it directly from the pad or with the sound of your voice.

This Bug Zapper That You Can Use Indoors

You can go ahead and ditch the fly swatter for good once you set up this indoor bug zapper. Here’s how it works: just flick on this mini zapper and set it up wherever the bugs are bothering you most, whether that’s your porch, living room, or even your bedroom. The ultraviolet light lures in mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other bugs, and the internal fan sucks them into the bottom basin, where they’re trapped until you clean it out. It’s simple, quiet, and mess-free.

This Adjustable Cell Phone Stand With A Built-In Speaker

It’s easier than ever to enjoy a show hands-free with this adjustable cell phone stand. The stand itself it wide enough to hold a smartphone or tablet, and you can adjust it to hold your devices horizontally or vertically. You can also tilt it at multiple angles so you can get the perfect view, no matter where you are. The anti-slip basin also features a Bluetooth speaker, so you can amplify the sound while you’re working.

This Rainbow Night Light That Makes Your Toilet Glow

One reviewer writes that this toilet night light is “simple, easy to use, and a lot of fun.” It hooks into the basin over your toilet and features a motion activated sensor. As soon as you step into the bathroom, the light turns on and circulates through eight eye-popping colors. When you’re finished, it turns off within two minutes, saving battery power until the next time you wander into the bathroom at night.

This Banana Bungee That Keeps Your Fruit Fresh

Instead of taking up precious counter space, this banana bungee keeps your bananas fresh without even touching the counter. All you have to do is screw it into the bottom of a sturdy cabinet and hang a bunch of bananas from it. The stretchy bungee cords slip between your bananas to stave off bruises by keeping your bananas slightly separated.

This Weather-Resistant Sun Shade For Under $30

For only 25 bucks, you can grab this sun shade to make your porch or patio more comfortable. The smallest size is 6-by-10-feet, which is a great size to cover a good portion of your outdoor space. This weather-resistant shade is made from ultra durable polyethylene material, which blocks out 95 percent of UV rays. It also features stainless steel clips in all four corners, and they’re rust-proof so you can even leave this shade up in the rain.

This Projection Lamp That Brings The Sunset Into Your Home

Even if you live in a cloudy climate, this sunset lamp can bring warmth into your home any day of the week. It features a sleek lamp with a small base that can fit on most surfaces, and it comes with a USB cord that you can use to charge it. This lamp gives off a warm sunset glow on your walls that can set a mood or make a fun backdrop for photos. You can even adjust the lamp head to create a larger or smaller effect depending on your preferences.

These LED Lights That Give Your TV A Backlit Glow

Not only do these LED lights give your TV a soft back glow, but they’re so easy to operate and install. They come in a 6-foot strip that’s already been pre-measured to fit any TV ranging from 40 to 60 inches. To install, you can simply stick them to the back of your TV and plug them into the nearest outlet. And the best part is they come with their own remote, so you can choose from 16 different colors and a variety of brightness modes.

These Highly Rated Luxe Bed Sheets With Over 100,000 Reviews

Instantly upgrade your bedding with this affordable sheet set. As one reviewer says, “I had no idea what I was missing before I bought these sheets.” Over 100,000 other reviewers agree — these luxury bedsheets look amazing and feel like a dream. They’re made from petal-soft microfiber that’s super comfortable yet breathable so you can stay cool and comfy all night long. They also feature an extra large pocket that can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. You can get this set of two pillow cases, a top sheet, and a fitted sheet in 19 different colors.

Available Sizes: Twin — Split King

These Slim Velvet Hangers That Keep Your Clothes From Slipping

These black velvet hangers look luxe and keep your clothes from slipping onto your closet floor. They come in a pack of 30, and have a gorgeous rose gold frame that’s covered in velvet. The velvet offers the perfect amount of texture so your silkier items and strappy dresses won’t budge. Plus, at only 17 bucks for so many hangers, this set is a total steal. And their slim shape even saves space in your closet, so you can make room for more favorites.

This Affordable Throw Pillow That’s Hypoallergenic

For less than 10 bucks, you can grab this hypoallergenic throw pillow and transform the whole vibe of your living room. It’s 12 by 12 inches, and the inside is stuffed with down-like material. This pillow is also completely washable, so you can toss the entire thing in the washing machine in case of a spill. It’s cool, comfortable, and just about as low maintenance as you can get.

These Velvet Cushion Covers That Come In A Ton Of Colors

Your sofa can take on a whole different look with these velvet cushion covers. The super soft velvet instantly gives your living room a luxe look, and the texture adds a fun pop of detail without having to replace your entire sofa. These covers also come in nine different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your throw pillow inserts. And with 33 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the exact color you want to match your decor.

These Curtains That Block Out Sunlight

These black-out curtains are great for nurseries and bedrooms when you’re trying to catch a mid-day nap. You get two panels in a pack, and each panel has three ultra thick layers to block out the majority of UV rays. And because these curtains are so thick, they’re also insulating and block out sound. On top of that, they come in several colors and sizes for you to choose from.

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