17 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Immature

While some partners may be distant, as mentioned above, others may be “very clingy and have a hard time respecting personal boundaries, independence, and/or your autonomy,” licensed therapist Brandon Santan, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP, NCC, BC-TMH, CCMHC, tells Bustle. “The emotionally immature partner who displays this sign will always be in your business, wanting to know where you’re going or who you’re hanging out with.”

Since this can become toxic fast, it’s important to nip it in the bud by pointing out the issue, discussing change, and maybe even going to couples therapy. “It’s definitely possible for an emotionally immature partner to grow and change,” Stanton says. But remember that your well-being is important, too, as they work to figure it out.


Samantha Burns, couples counselor and dating coach

April Davis, matchmaker and relationship expert

Davida Rappaport, speaker and spiritual counselor

Jen Browning LCPC, NCC, licensed clinical professional counselor

Sharon Peykar, LCSW, licensed psychotherapist

Dr. Tari Mack, clinical psychologist

Jacob Brown, AMFT, therapist

Dr. Brandon Santan, PhD, LPC-MHSP, NCC, BC-TMH, CCMHC, licensed therapist

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